For seniors

For seniors

It's never too late for beautiful, straight teeth!

With advanced age tooth migration occurs more often. This is the consequence of a lifelong demand of our teeth. The bone structure is changing in the course of our lives, subsequently the migration of teeth is common. In doing so the teeth are migrating on top of each other. A clearly visible crowding of the teeth is a result, which then leads to problems of oral hygiene.

It is important to clarify the effort-benefit relation for the patient before beginning treatment. A lot of times, simple dental treatments can lead to acceptable compromises. These treatments can be very beneficial from a functional stabilizing and esthetic point of view.

Before beginning treatment we recommend a personal consultation at MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden, so that all of your questions can be addressed.

Small anecdote: Recently a patient came to us and thanked us dearly for her successful orthodontic treatment. She told us that her son in law has given her a bouquet of flowers and said that she looks ten years younger with her straight and beautiful teeth - that is how it should be!


It is essential to make an individual consultation appointment

Before treatment, we recommend that all adults and seniors have a personal consultation in our practice. Our tip:

Make an appointment of at least 30 minutes in length so that as many questions as possible can be discussed and finally clarified.


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