Speech Therapy

Speech therapy

MUNDWERK Die Logopäden - The office inside the office

In our practice, our patients can also be optimally treated in terms of speech therapy. The state-approved speech therapist Melanie Weigner has her own independent office, MUNDWERK Die Logopäden, at MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden. The tight collaboration of these two specialized disciplines offers a wide range of advantages for our patients during treatment. Results can be discussed together and explained in detail to patients and parents. When orthodontics and speech therapy come together, the quality of the treatment improves on both sides.

The advancement of speaking and speech, as well as dental and jawbone position

Our speech therapy is individually calibrated for each patient. It focuses on reinstating and improving language and speaking abilities. Especially for children, the training of the senses is a priority. This means: improvement of the concentration and attention span, as well as the endurance for a lasting result.

Additionally, Mrs. Weigner is treating myofunctional dysfunctions in children. The goal is to resolve any muscular tensions and restore a normal muscular balance in the mouth and facial area.

A speech therapy is especially useful in case of the following dysfunctions:

  • Myofunctional dysfunction (difficulty swallowing, imbalance of the mouth and facial muscles)
  • Permanent oral respiration, or missing mouth closure
  • Supposedly too big of a tongue
  • Wrong tongue rest (the tongue is permanently on the bottom of the mouth or is pressuring the teeth)
  • Childlike swallowing (wrong pattern of swallowing where the tongue is pressed against the teeth)
  • Increased salivation
  • Delay and dysfnction of the speech development (e.g. stuttering, cluttering)
  • Cleft lip, jaw, and palate and any other facial cleft deformations 
  • Speech and language dysfunctions (e.g. after a stroke)
  • Sigmatism interdentalis (lisping), sigmatism addentalis, sigmatism lateralis
  • Voice therapy

In order to achieve an orthodontic treatment result, it is important that lips, tongue, and cheek muscles exhibit a physiological tonus. If that is not the case, the swallowing pattern of a child, for instance, can lead to a dental migration and opening of the bite form if the pressure of the tongue against the front teeth gets too much. 

Evidently, MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden are cooperating with many other speech therapy offices in Zehlendorf and the surrounding area. 

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Neurofunction therapy

With the help of neurofunction therapy human capabilities can be developed, improved, and regained, as well as maintained. 

Breathing, sucking, biting, chewing and swallowing should work harmonically and in tune with one another, so that the mouth and facial system can function physiologically and therefore prevent dental malpositions.

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