Snoring therapy

Snoring therapy

General knowledge about snoring

Snoring not only causes more or less disturbing background noise, it can also lead to respiratory breaks (obstructive sleep apnea) and can cause severe health problems. Somebody who does not sleep well is easily agitated and cannot concentrate at work nor in traffic. Respiratory breaks lead to high blood pressure and other life threatening circumstances. In these cases, a sleep specialist or doctor should be consulted immediately. A specialist can decide if a respirator is necessary or if a snoring guard can solve the problem. Luckily, not everyone that snores is immediately in danger. Most people that snore are mainly disturbing the sleep of their bed partners. We can help with that. With the help of a snoring guard the lower jaw will be held in a slightly pushed forward position during the night. This way the soft palate is tightened and the respiratory ways are free. The patient can breathe calmly and sleep through the night.

Snoring guards

At MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden we are using different types of snoring guards. Our snoring guards are made off of two plastic retainers for both jaws, so that the lower jaw can be pushed forward during the night (mandibular protrusion retainer). Usually, patients are adapting well to the retainers, after a short period of getting used to them. Side effects like an overstrain of the mandibular joints are rarely the case. After the initial introduction of the guard, two to three short control appointments are recommended. Afterwards, patients should get their snoring guard checked once or twice a year. Before starting treatment it is recommended to clarify if the financial costs of the production of the snoring guard and the treatment will be covered. A new set of guards is necessary after two years of use, based on hygienic reasons.

The following products are being used at MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden:

Dr. Michael K. Thomas is a certified TAP partner for over 30 years and a very competent person of contact in this field.

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